The rest of this week….

This week we have been hectic with Christmas preparations.  We’ve made presents for all of the girls in the family, all 12 of them.  A photo of that will definitely follow!!!  Caitlin and Noah have been working hard on the grandparents presents…which I’m actually really pleased with.  They are turning out much better than I imagined……and not far to go until they are finished and I might share with non-family members!!

Last weekend we went to a Christmas fair and saw Father Christmas….  Caitlin froze and then burst into tears, real hysteria/breath stopping tears so that wasn’t really very good!  He was a bit forceful though insisting she joined in the photo as it was Austin’s first visit!!  We are booked in for a proper visit next week lets hope thats more successful!!!!!!

This Saturday Caitlin went to a birthday party for a little boy in her class.  It was a very structured party but Caitlin had a great time!!!

I’m sure we’ve done other things but this blogging days after the event is no good for someone with no memory!!!!!!


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  1. Mancais

    Fingers crossed the next Santa trip is more successful.

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