Half a year…

Austin is half a year old!!  Time has gone so quickly!!

He is massive……  he is lazy….he is very content!  He spends all of his time just reclined watching Caitlin and Noah playing.  He can’t sit yet, he doesn’t even seem close.  Today I took him to be weighed at the baby clinic at the new house and the health visitor said sit him on the scales.  I replied that he couldn’t sit yet and she seemed very shocked!  I then said he’s not as old as he looks….he’s only 6 months today.  Good job I’m not a neurotic mother!!  I know he will sit but in the interest of better photo’s I really wish he’d get a move on!!!  Anyway..he weighed a massive 19lb 15oz!!!!!  Thats now more than Caitlin at age 2!!!!  I’ve also just packed away his 9-12 month vests and he is in mostly 9-12 month jeans but also one 12-18 month pair!!!!!!  He really is a monster…but not as chubby as Noah, longer I think.

As you can see he still gives the cheesiest of smiles and lots of them!  He can roll, well he has done 3 times!  He can also grab things but only seems to do this if you leave something dangerous in reach……

He’s started eating but will only take puree’s.  The second anything with any texture like porridge goes in his mouth he gags and is sick!!!  But at least now he is eating something he is back to sleeping through….  And hopefully soon he’ll be onto finger food and will be able to join in meal times.


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  1. Mancais

    Blimey! Time flies so quickly. Doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since he was born.

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