Noah is complete idiot!!!!!!

For a long time Noah has had many stupid moments…usually resulting in injuries!!  Today while messing around under the guise of eating his tea he bit a (sharp) chunk out of a plastic spoon!!  (remember we have no kitchen or sink so we are using plastic cutlery and plates!!)  I heard him bite it and when he took it out of his mouth a bit was missing so I told him to spit it out….  But no just as I stuck my fingers near his mouth he swallowed it!!!!!!!  Cue lots of gagging and threatened puking…  I hit him on the back….just to dislodge the spoon not because he is an idiot honest!!!!  Then I stuck my fingers down his throat to try to get him to puke it back up but no joy…  So now we have to wait and watch for it’s exit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve also still been really busy with our Christmas preparations…more to be revealed along the way!!!  Also me and Caitlin have been busy making her birthday present she was given.  She got a kit to make your own doll, which we have finished but I’ve saved the photo at the old house so that’s to follow.  It’s very cute, Caitlin has called her Abigail and she has a really lumpy head because it’s very hard sewing a smooth curve with a 4 year old but it adds to her character!!!!  And here she is!!

(of course Noah had to join in with his baby!!!)



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2 responses to “Noah is complete idiot!!!!!!

  1. Mancais

    Hope it passes smoothly.

  2. LOL he’s at the same age as Squidge when I used to call her the village idiot!

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