Christmas lights

Last week I took Caitlin, Noah and Austin to watch the Christmas lights switch on!!  I’m not sure if braving the crowds with all 3 of them alone was brave or stupid….  I had Caitlin and Noah in the pram and Austin in the sling.  We had a fantastic spot to watch the lights, a really clear view of the big screen and also a clear path through to where the fireworks get set off from.  We were backed up against a shop window so no-one shoving us from behind!  We saw Alexandra from the X-factor and a choir, then Caitlin decided she needed the toilet…so it was bye bye to our good spot and we were relegated to the very edge of the crowd down a side street.  We just about got to see the fireworks and we could hear the entertainment.  Austin LOVED the fireworks…he was following them all….


…just look at those chubby cheeks!

Caitlin and Noah also liked the fireworks but were really tired by the end and Caitlin fell straight asleep once they were finished!


Over the weekend we went around to one of Caitlin’s school friends to play.  That was really nice as she’s a lovely little girl and her and Caitlin get on really well.  Austin was really grumpy though, but it turns out he has a tooth coming through!  Caitlin and Noah didn’t get theirs until around 9 months so that was a surprise!!  It’s not quite out yet but will be very soon!



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2 responses to “Christmas lights

  1. Mancais

    Glad you enjoyed the fireworks and lights. Definitely very brave of you to head down there. I always avoid things like that.

  2. you’re braver me! No way I would go alone w/ three!

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