A tooth!!

It’s out!!!  I can’t believe Austin has a tooth!!!!  The others didn’t get theirs til 9 months…..  

I don’t know brown hair, early teeth…what next?  I expected Austin to just follow suit with the other 2 they are so similar!!!

I told Caitlin and Noah that once the new house was all sorted they could invite people for a sleep over!!  Now that we have moved in they have been obsessed by sleep overs and keep asking to sleep in each others beds…so last night I let them have a “sleep over” in Noah’s room…..

Amazingly they stayed like this all night and only woke up at 5.45am which isn’t bad for 2 people crammed into a cotbed!!  They also went straight back to sleep when I told them to….



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4 responses to “A tooth!!

  1. Vic

    Awww that photo of C and N is sooooo cute. I am amazed they behaved well enough and went to sleep. J and O would be gauging each others eyes out within 5 mins!

    Well done C and N, and hooray for new teeth!


  2. Mancais

    They do look lovely in the bed.

  3. Yah on the tooth and the kids look so cute.

    Is’t it funny how different kids can be? I keep expecting Ru to do stuff at a similar pace to the girls but he does things in her own time (well my girl were polar opposites so i guess he is just normal)

  4. OMG after days and days of trying I can finally comment!

    That will explain why he was such a grumpalump on Friday. Poor thing was miserable.

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