….we have been deliberating for weeks about which school’s to apply for for Caitlin….  We are very lucky in that all of the school’s near to us are fantastic and so realistically we would be happy for them to go to any of them (apart from one which we are fairly unjustified in not also has good results!)  We visited our 2 closest school’s and liked both for different reasons….  school A was initially our favoured school….it has slightly better results and we know lots of people who go there and are very happy.  School B I didn’t expect to like but we did, it also has good results just not quite as good as A but still very good and it’s our catchment school.  We think Noah would be better off at school A and Caitlin should be ok at either so we have put school A as our first choice and B as our second.  It is advised you put 3 choices so we have put the local Catholic school as our 3rd choice.  Now comes the very long wait until March to find out which we have got…..


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  1. Mancais

    Hope you get your choice.

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