Brocoli in amongst the dust…..

Well we have no kitchen but Austin is rapidly approaching the age where he needs more than milk….  Really bad timing to start weaning but that’s life….  So yesterday I decided to give it a go!!  Caitlin and Noah were having brocoli for their tea so I steamed a couple of extras, put Austin in the highchair and got my camera out!!!

When I put it in front of him he looked very pleased……


He occasionally grabs at things but generally is pretty content to just watch the whirlwinds of Caitlin and Noah go by….  So after a while since he had just looked at the brocoli I put it in his hand for him…..  Again he just looked at it for ages so I broke a tiny piece off and put it in his mouth…..  he looked disgusted…..


….and promptly spat it out with some milk also following!!!!!!  So I think we can safely say he’s not ready (despite everyone insisting he is!!!) and I am spared for a few more weeks….  I’m glad about this as the tiny preparation space I have means making food in a really hygienic way is very hard and I’m not confident it is good enough for a baby!  A lot of people keep saying I should just give him jars but since I weaned Caitlin and Noah onto home-made food I feel like I would be letting Austin down if he didn’t get the same.  Noah didn’t really eat until he was 7 months…like Austin he didn’t start waking and generally showed no signs of needing it until then.  So maybe in a months time I’ll have at least some kitchen facilities and Austin can starting having what Caitlin and Noah get for meals…..



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  1. Mancais

    He looks very cute.

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