Pumpkin carving….

As the kids are at my Mum’s in the run up to Halloween so that we can move house, I thought we’d best get on with our pumpkin carving!!  I turned Caitlin’s tripp trapp back into a highchair so that Austin could join in and put down some newspaper…..  and away we went….


Noah was very enthusiastic and sent pumpkin seeds flying all over the dining room whereas Austin just kept dropping his spoon!!  Everytime he dropped it though Noah came round to pick it up for him!!  Once it was scooped out I cut out the hole…I decided it would be great to make it a mini pumpkin so I cut out a vaguely mini shaped hole!  Noah said it didn’t look like a mini and Caitlin just kept saying she wanted a face…hmmmm not a good idea then ah well….  It really doesn’t look like a mini and I’ve not got a lighter to light the tea light anyway so no photo!!

Tomorrow is delivery day, well for everyone apart from Virgin Media who have cancelled on us…after disconnecting us!!!!!!!!  We are not happy and unless they can come up with some sort of fix it’s unlikely we’ll be customers for much longer!!  The next appointment they have to reconnect us is in two and a half weeks!!!!!!  Bet we still pay for that time!!!!!!!!!



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4 responses to “Pumpkin carving….

  1. you’re so crafty!! my poor pumpkin is still sitting on the kitchen table, every day I tell Squidge we’re going to carve it!

  2. Mancais

    I like the way you’re organised and cver the table. I’d’ve forgotten and then end up ith seeds stuck to the table.

  3. That’s usually how my pumpkin carving goes too. Delusional grand ideas, which turn into blobs. lol!

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