5 months!

Today Austin is 5 months old!!  Where has the time gone???  (On the house I would guess:-)!)

Austin is rolling over and chattering away to himself.  He is still very content and hardly ever cries, he loves his milk and drinks it all but will happily wait over an hour for it if something crops up.  He is a good sleeper but I don’t think he is overly keen on the travel cot..he has been waking at around 5 for his dummy since we put him in that!  He’s not hungry because he just goes straight back to sleep, I think it’s just the extra space he wakes up from moving around so much and then bumping into the edges!!!


He still looks a lot like Noah at that age, just with darker hair.  He adores Caitlin and gives her the biggest cheesiest grins when we pick her up from school!!  He loves Noah too but Noah loves to jump on him and hug him and sometimes this startles him!!!!  Noah also loves to wake him up to play during the day…this also doesn’t always impress Austin!!!!


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  1. Happy 5 months Austin . He sounds like such a great little guy. He is SO cute

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