I got tagged…for my family readers who don’t read other blogs that means I have to join in with whatever it is..in this case “proud to be me”….  I think I am supposed to put a badge in my post but I’m a very unprofessional blogger so I can’t figure out how to do it……

So anyway I have to say 5 reasons that I am proud of myself…..

Number 1 has to be Caitlin, Noah and Austin!!  I’m very proud that I had all 3 of them at home, even if I did have to fight for that in Noah’s case!!!

Number 2 is kind of the same…Caitlin, Noah and Austin…but proud of how well-behaved they are, I can take them anywhere and I usually get complemented on them…with Caitlin I just thought it was good luck, with Noah I thought I might have something to do with it, but now Austin is super chilled and content I figure I (well we) must have something to do with it!!  They aren’t screamy tantrum’y type kids (obviously they do have occasional moments!) and are generally happy and healthy.

Number 3 is a weird one….  When I was 17 I used to work on a lifeboat and during a triathlon we were on duty and I was in charge and “driving” the boat when we spotted and rescued someone with severe hypothermia!!  I was in the paper and everything :-)!!!

Number 4……ok starting to struggle now!!!  I am proud that we were (and will be again in a few weeks fingers crossed!!) mortgage free.  Isn’t that important to a lot of people but we have overpaid were we can and been really careful with our money for the past 9 years and so have been able to make ourselves debt free (until we buy our mansion lol)

Number 5….I am proud (possibly bordering on boastful??) that I am a faster driver than Richard… I always beat him at drag racing (in the same car)!!!  He says it’s because I have no mechanical sympathy…I say I’m just a faster driver!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to tag 5 people….hmmmm now thats hard!  I read a few other blogs but I’m not really a hardcore blogger so although I read some I don’t really comment etc so can’t really tag them…  So I’ll just tag the ones I read regularly and also comment on!

Laura at http://synchronizationofus.com/

Mancais (not sure if her real name is a secret so best not blab!!!) http://mancais.wordpress.com/

not sure if I am supposed to tell them I have tagged them??  (can you tell I am a novice at all of this!!!)  Linda didn’t tell me so maybe its a test to see if they read???????  I have no idea…anyway you are tagged…….



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3 responses to “Tagged!

  1. ha! those are some good ones! I KNOW you read my blog so I didn’t let you know!! Hope the mad house rush goes well!

  2. I’ll do it over the weekend when you’re offline.

  3. I will do the tag some point soon , you have ever reason to be proud of the stuff you listed.

    Oh to be debt free though , such a far away dream .

    Hope the move is going well

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