Rolley polley!!! (how do you spell that???)

Today Austin finally rolled over!!!!!  It’s about 4 days earlier than Noah did and only a few weeks after Caitlin….  By now Caitlin was sitting unaided and Noah sat in about 2 weeks time, but Austin is showing no signs of this at all, but I remember Noah doing it all of a sudden so we shall see….  So far Caitlin and Noah have done everything around the same time and now Austin is trying to follow suit!

Our internet gets disconnected on Friday ready to swap over to the new house so from then I’ll be on a blogging holiday!!!!!!!  We get connected in the new house on Tuesday along with everything else!!  John Lewis will be delivering our washer and drier, the dishwasher also gets delivered and the planning appeal site visit is that day!  Just need to persuade the fridgefreezer and fireplace to come that day too!!


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One response to “Rolley polley!!! (how do you spell that???)

  1. Vic

    Well done Austin!

    How fast is the time going!!?


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