Punkin pines….

…(as Noah calls them!!!!)  Today we went pumpkin picking….  While we waited for everyone else to arrive we did some raspberry picking….


and then we went to do some sweetcorn picking but to be honest after searching for about 15 minutes I came to the conclusion I had no idea what a ready to pick sweetcorn looked like so we quit and went over to the pumpkins!  Noah and Caitlin had a good look around at the pumpkins but I’d told them they couldn’t pick one until everyone else arrived…


When the others arrived we got going….


As you can see there weren’t many pumpkins left but the kids had a great time picking their pumpkin (and many more!!!!)


Now we just need to admire them for a week or so and then we can get carving!!!!!  After some lunch we headed off to ikea, which everyone said I was mad to do alone with the 3 of them!!  But I am so glad I did!  We have a set of shelves and where we are putting them in the new house we really need another shelf to make it look good.  Unfortunately when I got there I discovered the shelves had been discontinued a few weeks back and they had sold out!  I decided to look in the bargain corner incase they had the display model and there in the corner was 2 sets of shelves, all boxed and nothing wrong with them apart from the fact they were the last 2…both half price!  So I grabbed one and then persuaded to passing men to put it on the roof rack for me….success!!!!!!

Tonight we are staying over at the new house again so we should get some more sorting done in between the x-factor!!!


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  1. Looks like you had a good time with the punkin pines.

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