School’s and chaos!!

I’ve not really got much to blog about….we are right in the middle of moving house…both houses look chaotic…both look very full!  There’s only so much I can get done during the day as Austin and Noah need entertaining and feeding – feeding takes up a lot of time!!!!!  I don’t feel like we are making much progress either with the moving or the renovating, everything keeps getting in the way!  I’m slightly panicked that we won’t make it by the deadline…although the deadline hasn’t been set yet it will be far too soon for my liking……

We’ve also been out looking at school’s for Caitlin…it is such hard work!  We have no idea what we are doing and the 2 we have looked at so far are completely different but both have good points…  I feel an impossible decision coming on!  Shame Caitlin and Noah have such different personalities…might be easier if they were similar…..

We’ve also managed to go out to the park even if Noah managed to take his coat off between the house and the car and so had to wear Caitlins…not a good look!!



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5 responses to “School’s and chaos!!

  1. Good luck with the move 🙂

    How are you feeling about Caitlin starting school? I cannot beleive Rebecca is starting next year, its going to be weird not having her around.

    • Caitlin already goes to pre-school full time so it hadn’t really occured to me its a big thing other than the deciding… Maybe when she puts on a uniform it will suddenly sink in :-)!

  2. Oh I don’t envy you but it will be over soon! We’re just starting the school process here. You’ll have to give us some advice.

    • No advice from me I’m afraid..I am just wandering round in the dark without a clue!!!!!! I just know you need to decide soon and get your application in before Dec 15th??
      (I really need to figure out how to reply properly when people leave questions!! Do you think this is right?)

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