We’re back!!

We got up to so much while we were away I’m not even sure where to start!!  And we are now so hectic I haven’t even got time to think!!!

We need to pack up and move into the new house, but we still have no kitchen (that is a long way off) and need to decorate the living room.  And even though upstairs in the new house is looking very full, it doesn’t look like we have lost anything from here, well except in Austin’s room which is bare!  My to do list is so long I can’t figure out which jobs are most important………

So back to our holidays!!!  The first weekend we spent with Nan and it was carnival weekend in her village.  Caitlin was completely in love with all of the carnival queens and princesses and decided she wants to be a carnival princess.  Shame we don’t have carnivals in the big cities!!!!!  She waved at every single one of them!!!!!!!


Noah was very impressed (and so were we :-)!!) that there were mini’s in the parade!!!!!!!!


After the parade we went to the fair and Nan bought them some light up wands which they loved, and so did Austin who looked after them during the rides!!!!!


They went on a roundabout type ride and some swings.


On the Sunday we went to a train museum nearby which was good, and we got a ride on a very bumpy old train!


And in the evening we went to a fireworks display to end the carnival and we had some more fair ground rides.  The fireworks seemed really quiet and so Austin hardly noticed them!!  On the Monday we had a quiet day after a very hectic weekend and we just went to the park…


On the Tuesday we went into London to meet up with the other bridesmaid so that Caitlin would know her a bit ready for the wedding.  She was really nice and Caitlin got on with her straight away.  She also has a little baby a week younger than Austin and we met up with my niece who is 7 weeks older than Austin so it was a baby filled lunch!!!  Caitlin and Noah loved it and it was lovely to see R again.

On Wednesday Grandad came over to see us.  As he has moved abroad we haven’t seen him for ages and so when we said Grandad was coming Noah automatically assumed we meant Grandad as in my Dad!!!!  When Richards Dad arrived Noah was confused and then decided he was Grandad with hair!!!!!!!!!!!  I think that name will stick!!!!!!!!!!


On Thursday we went into Southend for a wander, played on the arcades and ate chips on the sea wall!!  Then on Friday it was time to head off for the wedding, which surely deserves its own post……!!!!!!!!!


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One response to “We’re back!!

  1. Looks like a busy but enjoyable break.
    Welcome back x

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