Aunty Lalex got maeeeeeed!!!!!!

It’s a long time since Caitlin made Aunty Lalex’s announcement!!!!!!!! (

But finally the day arrived and Caitlin got to be bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At breakfast she was almost popping with excitement….she was getting to be a princess for a day!!!!!!  She absolutely LOVED being bridesmaid.  She got to go in the wedding car and had a fantastic time!  She did get a bit confused on the way back and asked the other bridesmaid if she was married, I’m not sure who she thought she had married….

The wedding reception was at a lovely manor house in the middle of nowhere.


All three of them had a great time, although Austin did sleep for the majority of it.


Austin also got to meet his Grandma the night before the wedding….


There was tonnes of champagne and the weather just about held out and a good day was had by all.


On the Sunday we had a family day and in the evening and Brian and his family played guitar and sang which Noah and Caitlin danced along to, and Austin snuggled up with Nan!!


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  1. Caitlin looks like a beautiful princess. Boys look handsome too.

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