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Time…..with Tanith Carey.

I have been sent a book to read and review by Tanith Carey.  It’s called “How to be an ‘Amazing Mum’ when you just don’t have the time”  You can find her website here….

Life with us at the moment is even more hectic than usual…we have a newborn baby, we’re renovating a house, we have loads of cars to fix and we still have a social life!!!!!!  So to say we “don’t have the time” is an understatement!!!!!!

I have to admit when I signed up to review the book I did think…if you are that time-starved (which I am) will you have time to read the book???  I also expected it to be like other books that tell you to get organised….  So my copy arrived, quite a while ago actually, and my initial reaction was great it’s not massive I might just get chance to read it at some point.  I then opened it up and discovered it was written in bullet points which was GREAT!!!  It meant that I didn’t have to sit and read big chunks of it, I could read loads of points or if I only had 1 minute I could just read one point!!  I absolutely LOVED that about it.  I am addicted to Hollyoaks and make time to watch it most days, but I could read a couple of pages of the book in the adverts..great!!

The book starts off with saving time in the kitchen.  It is full of loads of fantastic ideas to both save time and ones that just make life easier.  Some I already do, like cook in bulk and freeze, which made me think the book was on my wavelength.  Some I haven’t thought of but why not????  Like make a stash of Marmite sandwiches and freeze them..then on packed lunch day when you are out of bread/fillings/time you can just grab one and you are done!  Given I consider myself the queen of freezing food I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!  I also loved the bit on in a rush give your kids a bowl of cereal for won’t kill them!  I so agree with this, once in a while they will be fed and fine and have done this in the past and my kids are fine!!!

There is a whole section on picking the right toys with less bits, less mess to clear up and therefore less time devoted to it!!  I am hopeless at this and I am a complete sucker for all the wrong toys.  She suggests boxing up toys and rotating them so there is less to get out and create mess with, and they will have renewed interest in the others when they reappear!  This is a great idea and one I’ll definitely do when we move in a few weeks!

In the housework section there are lots of tips to get the kids to help – like get the kids to put there own shoes away which Caitlin and Noah do….well most of the time!  They also put their dirty clothes in the washing basket…something my mother in law is always impressed with.  And put hooks at their level which we have and that really is a God send.  There is also a section all about make up etc which I didn’t read yet as I don’t wear make up..but I will be reading as I do wash and brush my hair and I’m sure there’s something useful about that in there too!!

I could go on for ages telling you all my favourite tips and ideas but then you wouldn’t need the book :-)!  I’d highly recommend it, it’s great!!!  As I said I already do a lot of it but I do loads of things for an easy life…  Lots of these I hadn’t thought about when I only had Caitlin though…so for the first time mum there is loads of help, but even for people who like to think they already do all the time saving tricks out there I’d bet there’s at least a few in here for you and its an easy book to read so won’t drain you of all your free time….  You could read a couple if you arrive at school a few minutes early etc……


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Heads up!

Caitlin got a styling head for her birthday which she absolutely loves!!  Today she “painted” her face……


…can you tell that she has just painted the entire of the doll’s head and neck???  I don’t wear make up so she has no idea what happens with it!!!!!!  I have to say I find the head a bit scary..I keep catching a glance of it at night and thinking we have a person decapitated on our floor!!!!!!!

This past week we have been packing and moving and painting and rushing to get the house finished and ourselves in!!  In our old house we now have nothing in the box room (except Austin’s moses basket) and in Caitlin and Noah’s room there are just mattresses on the floor and some toys!!!!!!  Slowly but surely we are getting there and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!


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Out and about!

Today we went to the park…  It was nice not to have to rush about dropping and collecting Caitlin in school all through the day but I think Noah misses her now she is in school full-time.  He’s always asking about her and today was crying loads asking when we were collecting her!  He then fell asleep so I think he was really tired too, but he definitely misses her…..

It was unbelievably sunny today..typical since I packed away all the really summery clothes this week!  We went on the swings and Austin had a great time on there with Noah….


After playing on the swings we went to find the sculpture bench which was at the far side of the park but a nice walk and it was a very nice bench even if the rubbish piled up behind it suggested it usually has a different use to our photography!!!!!!!!


Nice though it was and I got some lovely photo’s…..


…I doubt we’ll walk over to it again….


After school we headed over to the new house where my Mum was busy painting and me and my Dad went to cash in our old lead pipes…we got £195 which was really good for some rubbish!!!

Then we headed home for tea and bed!  I have moved poor Caitlin back in with Noah!!  She has moved bedrooms about 10 times this year, going backwards and forwards for viewings etc…but Austin is such a noisy sleeper I can’t share with him anymore so I have moved him into Caitlin’s room!!!

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First day back at school and a wedding!!

It’s been over a year since I’ve had to get up and out for 9am…well up and out with it being essential you are on time!!!  Caitlin was seriously excited to be going back to school and even more excited that she got to take a lunch box!  She had some butty’s, pieces of pepper and a fairy cake….  The traffic was awful but we’d allowed loads of time and so we were quite early. 

After we dropped Caitlin off we went to the new house to get on with some painting!  Noah spent the whole morning just playing with Austin and looking out of the window at the trains and cars going past!  I managed to get loads painted and then after dinner Louise had Austin and Noah since they were starting to get bored and I carried on with the painting!!!  We are really close to getting the rest of the carpet to be laid…

I then went to collect Caitlin who had somehow eaten ALL of her lunch!!!!!!!!  I never in a million years thought she would have the time to eat all of her lunch but she did!  I knew she would be hungry enough for all of that but she is so slow I assumed they would have to give up on her!!  She’d had a great day and loved being back at school.

We then headed back home to get ready for Liz and John’s wedding.  Liz had got bubbles which Caitlin LOVED!!!!!


Noah just dropped all of his all over the floor!  They had a great time dancing even if the poor lad in the middle looks scared to death of them!!


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Best of friends!

Today Austin had his first ride in a ride on car……


…he was having a great time until Noah tried to sit him a bit more upright and ended up knocking him sideways…hence the guilty look!!!

Soon afterwards though Austin had obviously forgiven him……


Just after that picture Noah insisted on taking a picture of me and Austin!  Since I am constantly forcing him to have his taken I figured I’d better oblige assuming he’d totally miss us….


…but he actually got a half decent photo!


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The bumbo!

Noah and Austin have both loved sitting in the bumbo!  It wasn’t great for Caitlin as she was a bit thin and by the time she was heavy enough to get it to work she could sit!  At the weekend I happened to get a photo of Austin in the bumbo and afterwards I remembered I had a photo of Noah looking exactly the same….which is which!!!!!!!!!



Bit obvious beacuse of the rug and Austin’s outfit…but I still can’t get over how similar they look!!  Austin is 15 weeks old (less a day!) and Noah is 18 weeks and a day.

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Austin’s Christening

Finally Austin has been Christened!!  I say finally even though really he’s quite young, because we have had a nightmare trying to organise it!!  We struggled to find a date when all of the Godparents and us were free!!  We’d find a date and then discover other family members couldn’t make it!  We tried to avoid October as we have a big family wedding that month, November and December were out as they were too close to Christmas, Jan and Feb were out as the weather is really bad and as all family had to travel to the Christening bad weather would have put people off!  I wasn’t keen on March onwards as I feel babies should be Christened when they are a baby…so Austin would have been getting too old by then!  So finally we settled on beginning of September which was far enough from the wedding to make it practical.  So yet again we had a Christening on Caitlin’s birthday weekend!!  We’d also decided that we’d go to the church near our new house…I had been deluded into thinking we might be moved in by now…  But anyway I’m glad we did go there!  The priest was lovely and insisted on Caitlin and Noah coming to the front row to join in with the celebrations!  He may have regretted that as right at the start we’d told Noah to not make any noise.  When the priest started talking Noah says…”shhh he’s making loads of noise”!!!!!!! hmmmm 

Here is Austin with his Godparents…. my sister, Amy and my friend from school Louise and her husband Chris.  (with Caitlin and Noah sneaking in too!)


Throughout the service the priest involved Caitlin and Noah and even invited them up while Austin was actually being Christened.


Afterwards we just came back to our (old) house for some party food and a drink!  As it was Caitlin’s party earlier in the week and also Harry’s birthday the day before we had a few birthday presents after the food…


…and then we turned the Christening cake into a birthday cake!!!


And just because we all hate having our photo’s taken here is a token one of the Kings!!!



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