I LOVE Elvis!!!!!!!!!!

Yipppeeeeeee Elvis lives again!!!!!!!!!!!  I can not explain how wonderful that is!!!  This morning I did a 4 mile round trip to school as Richard is on earlies and so we had to walk.  I had totally misjudged how much extra time I would need with one child walking… I’ve only done the walk with 2 in the pram!!  So I ended up doing well over half of the journey there with all 3 in the pram, on wonky pavements…my back is knackered from having to correct the pram and stop it going into the road.  It’s only meant to hold 2 at a time and so with 3 it is very heavy (I think about 6 or 7 stone!!) and hard to manoeuver!!!

In order to be able to walk to school we had to stay at the new house!!!!!!!!!  All of the upstairs is carpeted now and so they all stayed in their new beds….


Caitlin up in the slide bed…very happy!!  And Noah just excited to be there……..

camping noah

…even Austin looked very excited to be in a bed where his head and feet aren’t both right at the ends…..


After we’d dropped Caitlin at school we went back to the house to arrange Austin’s bedroom….


(Austin fell asleep on the floor so I left him there…)  It looks great, loads of space and all fresh and nice…


..but after I arranged it and put most of Austin’s possessions in there it seemed a bit of a waste.  Noah and Caitlin have loads more toys as they are bigger, so although their room is bigger it’s also a lot fuller, so now I am considering putting Noah in Austin’s room and putting Austin in with Caitlin!!!!!!!!!  Best decide soon as move in day seems to be getting scarily close even though we have no kitchen still!!!!!   I see us becoming regulars at the carvery across the road!


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3 responses to “I LOVE Elvis!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay for Elvis! Camping photos are lovely.
    Would it work to have the boys in together?

  2. so glad Elvis ALIVE! The house is looking fantastic and who needs a kitchen?!?!?!

    Fancy doing anything this week- eeerm I only have Tue free and I’m assuming you’ll be down south on Friday.

  3. It would work having the boys together aside from I have promised Caitlin the slide bed as she’s the oldest and that bed won’t fit in the smaller room….. But actually maybe the sofa bed will fit in the big room and the 2 boys could share the little one??? Will report back!
    Linda – only just seen your post so guess this week is out…shame cos I’m mobile again!!!!!! Next week??

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