School reunion!

Yesterday was my school reunion.  I nearly didn’t make it as Austin is all spotty, but his spots had really gone down by the morning and so as he was still well we decided it must be a sweat rash and so I went along.

It was really weird seeing people from school, I haven’t seen most of them since I left!!!  Obviously I see Louise all the time and there were a few others I’d seen 7 years ago at a wedding, and a few I email or facebook but about half I hadn’t seen in 17 or 19 years!!!!!!  I had a great time and it was really nice to catch up with everyone.

We went for a walk to the site of our school which is now a housing estate!  There is a board at the entrance which has some info on the school and a picture of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can not believe of all the years that the school was open they happen to pick a photo with me right at the front and very visible!!!!  I am the short one at the end of the front row (left side)!!


As there was nothing left of the senior school we went up to the junior school and the buildings of that were completely unchanged… Caitlin and Noah loved running around in the grounds!!


Today Austin is still spotty, but still well so I have no idea what’s wrong with him….  Surely he can’t have anything if he is completely well….

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One response to “School reunion!

  1. Mancais

    Glad you made it.
    I decided against going to a 25yr one earlier this year.

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