The end of the road for Austin….

…in the big top project!!!  I had a feeling Austin would be the first to run out (not including me!!) and today on day 35 he finally ran out of clothes.  That’s over a month’s worth of 3-6 month tops!  Which given they are supposed to last 3 months means he would only wear each one 3 times…what a waste.  Really most of his tops are getting a bit tight so he is ready to move up to the 6-9 month tops but I think I will squeeze him into my favourite smaller ones for a bit longer since he has a few I totally love and he didn’t get to wear much….


Even Noah only has 3 tops left, whereas Caitlin has a fair few….  I’m not including jumpers as I class those as coats really….

No wonder I couldn’t close Austins drawer!!  Really must slim down all of their collections, although I don’t think Austin has quite that many tops in the next size…but he does have plenty!!

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  1. LOL I can’t believe the tops project is still going strong!

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