I won’t be naked!!

It was becoming a worrying possibility that I would be going to Alex’s wedding naked!!!!!  I had it all planned how once Caitlin went back to school I would go on the hunt for my wedding outfit, but then Elvis failed his MOT and so I have been doing the school run via bus or lift’s and walking.  I know it’s our own fault for bending the rules and sending Caitlin to school using an address we do own but haven’t moved into yet….  Coming home on the bus this week has been taking over an hour and a half!!!!!!!  Fun!!!  And even walking to school has taken just over half an hour so that’s over a 2 hour commute just for the pick up!

So today Caitlin should have been at school but by 8.10 I realised I had no hope of getting her there at any reasonable time so I made Richard phone in sick for her and I went off to town.  Outfit hunting with all 3 of them was not fun but I think I have got one….


I hope it will be ok.  It is years (if ever) since I have bought a patterned top, but I figured since it was close family I should make a bigger effort than usual!!!  Now I have one week to accessorize it!!  Advice very welcome!! I had to take advice on the top from a man in Monsoon… He was really helpful actually!!

Noah was very fed up after all that shopping…but Austin was still all smiley!!!




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2 responses to “I won’t be naked!!

  1. Oh I love the top! I’ve never been to Monsoon- really should go and have a look.

  2. Mancais

    Your top is lovely!

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