Heads up!

Caitlin got a styling head for her birthday which she absolutely loves!!  Today she “painted” her face……


…can you tell that she has just painted the entire of the doll’s head and neck???  I don’t wear make up so she has no idea what happens with it!!!!!!  I have to say I find the head a bit scary..I keep catching a glance of it at night and thinking we have a person decapitated on our floor!!!!!!!

This past week we have been packing and moving and painting and rushing to get the house finished and ourselves in!!  In our old house we now have nothing in the box room (except Austin’s moses basket) and in Caitlin and Noah’s room there are just mattresses on the floor and some toys!!!!!!  Slowly but surely we are getting there and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Heads up!

  1. I had one of those! Girl’s World. Came with assorted make up and hair that came out or could be wound back in for styling.

  2. OMG that looks scary! This is one toy I think I’ll wait to get Squidge until she actually asks for it. It would freak me out- sitting there. staring at me. without a body.

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