Out and about!

Today we went to the park…  It was nice not to have to rush about dropping and collecting Caitlin in school all through the day but I think Noah misses her now she is in school full-time.  He’s always asking about her and today was crying loads asking when we were collecting her!  He then fell asleep so I think he was really tired too, but he definitely misses her…..

It was unbelievably sunny today..typical since I packed away all the really summery clothes this week!  We went on the swings and Austin had a great time on there with Noah….


After playing on the swings we went to find the sculpture bench which was at the far side of the park but a nice walk and it was a very nice bench even if the rubbish piled up behind it suggested it usually has a different use to our photography!!!!!!!!


Nice though it was and I got some lovely photo’s…..


…I doubt we’ll walk over to it again….


After school we headed over to the new house where my Mum was busy painting and me and my Dad went to cash in our old lead pipes…we got £195 which was really good for some rubbish!!!

Then we headed home for tea and bed!  I have moved poor Caitlin back in with Noah!!  She has moved bedrooms about 10 times this year, going backwards and forwards for viewings etc…but Austin is such a noisy sleeper I can’t share with him anymore so I have moved him into Caitlin’s room!!!


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One response to “Out and about!

  1. Busy times.
    It’ll seem odd when you don’t have to keep going from house to house.

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