First day back at school and a wedding!!

It’s been over a year since I’ve had to get up and out for 9am…well up and out with it being essential you are on time!!!  Caitlin was seriously excited to be going back to school and even more excited that she got to take a lunch box!  She had some butty’s, pieces of pepper and a fairy cake….  The traffic was awful but we’d allowed loads of time and so we were quite early. 

After we dropped Caitlin off we went to the new house to get on with some painting!  Noah spent the whole morning just playing with Austin and looking out of the window at the trains and cars going past!  I managed to get loads painted and then after dinner Louise had Austin and Noah since they were starting to get bored and I carried on with the painting!!!  We are really close to getting the rest of the carpet to be laid…

I then went to collect Caitlin who had somehow eaten ALL of her lunch!!!!!!!!  I never in a million years thought she would have the time to eat all of her lunch but she did!  I knew she would be hungry enough for all of that but she is so slow I assumed they would have to give up on her!!  She’d had a great day and loved being back at school.

We then headed back home to get ready for Liz and John’s wedding.  Liz had got bubbles which Caitlin LOVED!!!!!


Noah just dropped all of his all over the floor!  They had a great time dancing even if the poor lad in the middle looks scared to death of them!!



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One response to “First day back at school and a wedding!!

  1. Good to see Caitlin enjoyed going back to school.
    I love bubbles at weddings.

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