Best of friends!

Today Austin had his first ride in a ride on car……


…he was having a great time until Noah tried to sit him a bit more upright and ended up knocking him sideways…hence the guilty look!!!

Soon afterwards though Austin had obviously forgiven him……


Just after that picture Noah insisted on taking a picture of me and Austin!  Since I am constantly forcing him to have his taken I figured I’d better oblige assuming he’d totally miss us….


…but he actually got a half decent photo!



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2 responses to “Best of friends!

  1. jeebus where did you’re little baby go?? I think you’re kids have super genes because I remember Noah being the same way. One day they’re little itty bitty things and the next they’re practically winking at you w/ a cocky little smirk!!

  2. Lovely photos – especially the one Noah took.

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