Austin’s Christening

Finally Austin has been Christened!!  I say finally even though really he’s quite young, because we have had a nightmare trying to organise it!!  We struggled to find a date when all of the Godparents and us were free!!  We’d find a date and then discover other family members couldn’t make it!  We tried to avoid October as we have a big family wedding that month, November and December were out as they were too close to Christmas, Jan and Feb were out as the weather is really bad and as all family had to travel to the Christening bad weather would have put people off!  I wasn’t keen on March onwards as I feel babies should be Christened when they are a baby…so Austin would have been getting too old by then!  So finally we settled on beginning of September which was far enough from the wedding to make it practical.  So yet again we had a Christening on Caitlin’s birthday weekend!!  We’d also decided that we’d go to the church near our new house…I had been deluded into thinking we might be moved in by now…  But anyway I’m glad we did go there!  The priest was lovely and insisted on Caitlin and Noah coming to the front row to join in with the celebrations!  He may have regretted that as right at the start we’d told Noah to not make any noise.  When the priest started talking Noah says…”shhh he’s making loads of noise”!!!!!!! hmmmm 

Here is Austin with his Godparents…. my sister, Amy and my friend from school Louise and her husband Chris.  (with Caitlin and Noah sneaking in too!)


Throughout the service the priest involved Caitlin and Noah and even invited them up while Austin was actually being Christened.


Afterwards we just came back to our (old) house for some party food and a drink!  As it was Caitlin’s party earlier in the week and also Harry’s birthday the day before we had a few birthday presents after the food…


…and then we turned the Christening cake into a birthday cake!!!


And just because we all hate having our photo’s taken here is a token one of the Kings!!!



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2 responses to “Austin’s Christening

  1. I like the family photo.

  2. Hope that doesn’t sound like I don’t like the others.

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