16V mini’s!

Bit of a catch up time as we’ve been busy!!!

On Saturday we got up mega early and headed off to see the 16V mini’s racing.  Nan had arrived on the Friday ready for Austin’s Christening so she looked after Austin while we went with Caitlin and Noah.  It was held at an RAF base so it wasn’t really set up for spectators…..


They didn’t seem to mind though and Noah was very excited to be watching mini’s race again!!  He really does love going to see the mini’s!!!


After a while I think they lost interest in the actual mini’s racing as you couldn’t see much, but they still enjoyed running around in the grass and looking at the mini’s not racing close up!!!


Then it was time to head home and watch the X-factor!!!!  We know someone who has got through to the live shows but she wasn’t on this week…maybe next week….


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