3 months today!

Austin is now 3 months old!!!!  Where has the time gone!  He is massive…and is now in predominantly 6-9 months clothes, although t-shirts seem more flexible and he is still in some 0-3 months for those!  He is trying to roll from his back to his front but always goes to the right and hasn’t quite managed to get all the way over just yet!  He chatters away and is generally a very content little thing.  He can sit in his bumbo and seems to like being sat up like everyone else!  He sleeps through the night almost every night with only one or two nights were he hasn’t since about 7 weeks.  He loves being in the bath and laughs if you pour water on him.

He adores Caitlin and Noah, and loves it when they play with him!  And just look at this cheeky grin as he’s bouncing around!!!!!!


It’s that massive grin that wakes me up every morning!!  He doesn’t cry when he wakes up he just starts chatting away and gives a huge grin when he spots you, what a way to wake up!!!



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2 responses to “3 months today!

  1. Vic

    Gorgeous! Happy 3 month “birthday”

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