Rockets and jabs!

This morning was time for Austin’s second set of injections…he cried a lot but Caitlin cried more!  Last time Caitlin wasn’t there since we waited so long she had to go to school.  When she saw the nurse “make a hole” in Austins leg and saw him scream she also burst into tears!!!!!!!!  They both recovered quite quickly though!!  I had him weighed as well and he is now a hefty 15lb 2!!  That’s as heavy as Caitlin was at 36 weeks!!!!!!!!!  Yes you read that right 36 weeks and he is 12!!!!!!!!!!

Then we headed home to play with Squidge.  She was reviewing a rocket so came around to ours to do it.  It was a giant cardboard rocket that you decorate and then play with….


I think Caitlin got the decorating more than the other 2…she had a great time filling the inside with loads of astronauts!!!!!!!


The others had more fun dressing up and getting in and out of the rocket!!


In fact they were still playing with it before bed!  They love it but it is massive!! 

Linda also got another thing to review!!!!  A baby gym so she has loaned it to Austin to have a go of.  He seemed to like his new toy as well, we haven’t got anything like this so he was loving getting it to play noises when he kicked….


…he also thought it was really comfy to sleep on!!!!!!!!!!!!



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4 responses to “Rockets and jabs!

  1. Mancais

    Looks like a great time for all the kids.

  2. Jags are never fun , mind you Ru has only had 2 sets so Austin is catching up on him.

    He really is a big boy, you think weighing the same as Caitlin at 36 weeks was bad , Ru at 6 months was heavier the same weight Rebecca was when she turned 2 lol

  3. Ha similar for Caitlin and Noah… He was 19lb at 26 weeks and she was that at 2years!!!! I love chubby babies though..shows they are healthy and feeding well, which Caitlin didn’t!

  4. glad Austin is enjoying the toy! I found green marker on Es’ armpit this AM! LOL the kid is messy! I asked her what her favorite bit of the day was thinking she was going to say the rocket or playing w/ her friends- nope it was the bus ride home! Have fun in Barca!!

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