12 weeks today!

In just over an hours time Austin will be 12 weeks old!  I can’t believe how quickly time has gone!  He’ll be 1 before we know it!  He is getting more and more active, he loves kicking his legs around and is making his moses basket rock about!  We really need to move so he can go in a cot.  He is also very “talkative” he chats away to himself all the time.  He has been a bit naughty for the past 2 days and has woken up really early.  On Saturday night Richard volunteered to get up with him and so he woke up at around 3.30 and was awake on and off until Richard gave up at about 7 when Caitlin and Noah woke..and yep you guessed it Austin went straight back to sleep then!!!  This morning he woke up at 5.30!!  But it’s so hard to get mad because he wakes you up with loads of chatting and legs flying up and down and when you go over to him you get the biggest best smiles ever!!


I might try to video him tomorrow morning on my brand new camera!!!!!!  I went to town today and got brave and bought a camera!!!  My battery is just charged so I’ll be having a play later and hopefully tomorrow will bring excellent videos and perfect pictures!!!!!!!!

We’re also going strong and we’re on day 7 of the top challenge.  I under estimated Austin as even without adding his new bigger tops I still can’t get his drawer to shut without a struggle after I totally caught up with the washing!!!!!!


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  1. Happy 12 weeks Austin.

    He sounds like a big happy boy , Ru was like that and just grew grew and grew. He has stopped now though and the 9-12 months stuff rather than getting tighter are getting bigger (think as he is crawling/walking burning off more and loosing some baby chub)

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