Sorting clothes!!

Tonight while I was making tea Caitlin and Noah were pestering me so I asked if they wanted a job….  They said yes so I gave them the task of putting all of Austin’s next size clothes into piles of t-shirts, jeans, pj’s etc…..  After about 5 minutes (and no sorting at surprise there though!) there was hysterical laughing…and they were both dressed in Austin’s clothes!!!!!!!  Amazingly they actually fitted Caitlin really well width ways just not in all!!!!!!!  This sunsuit was 12-18 months but was quite baggy on her…wouldn’t save any of her legs or arms from the sun though!!


Of course after Caitlin had tried it Noah had to have a go…he looked like Kevin out of Kevin and Perry!


And then Caitlin squeezed herself into some 9-12 months pj’s…..


Again a tad short but did up fine….the mad pair!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Sorting clothes!!

  1. Love the photos – made me laugh.

  2. love that last one of Caitlin

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