Growing growing!!!

Austin is still growing at a ridiculous rate!  Last night I bathed and dressed him in his sleepsuit ready for bed and he started crying hysterically.  When I looked down his sleepsuit was really stretched over his feet so I took it off and he stopped crying straight away…  This means he has now progressed to the 6-9 months sleepsuits and even those aren’t too big they fit him really nicely!  I know when I moved him up to the 3-6 month ones he was already at the ends but I thought he would at least be in them until he was 3 months!!!!!!!!!  At this rate he will have outgrown the Father Christmas outfit Noah had!!!  Best get a photo of him in it soon just incase!!!  I measured his length this evening and he is now 62cm long!!!


I’ve even had to go and retreive some clothes from the new house as I was convinced we’d be in there before he needed them!  At this rate I’ll have to go get the cot and God knows where we’ll put that!!!!!!  Also here’s a photo of the 3 of them, he looks so grown up sitting next to Caitlin….




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2 responses to “Growing growing!!!

  1. wow look how big he looks!

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