Cars….what cars!!!

Today we have been to MOSI to what we thought was the final day of the “roaring road rally”.  It promised you could see the lower courtyard “taken over” by cars of all descriptions!  All that was there was a bus and a tank…oh and just general parked cars!!  There were loads of trains though, and they had all of the steam trains going.  Noah was just as impressed by the trains so we were ok!  There were models of trains in all sizes and they even got to sit in one…


Even Austin got out for a bit of a wander and seemed to like the trains too….


…think it was just good reflections really since I am convinced he can’t see very far at all!!!!!!  Caitlin also had a ride in a full size steam train which she loved.  But her favourite bit was of course the water wheel which she is fascinated by every time we go there!!!!!


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  1. well at least they had a good time. We went home and baked! Rhubarb and strawberry crumble then we made chocolate brownies.

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