New soft play and my “top project”!!

We were supposed to be going fruit picking this morning but when I got up it was raining quite heavily and the forecast was for more rain so I persuaded Linda and Co to do a soft play instead!!  The thought of wandering around the rain with a baby in a sling getting wet really didn’t make me think it would be a good day!!  As it turned out the weather was really nice so I doubt Linda is very happy I cancelled…sorry!

So as a back up plan we went to a new soft play…it’s supposed to be the biggest and best in the area but I have been to one much much bigger not too far away so I was quite disappointed by it.  It was also about a million degrees in there and poor Caitlin was sweating buckets!!!!!


 It did have quite a nice baby area though…but poor Austin did get hit twice by older kids throwing blocks around in there!! 


We then came home and sorted through all of our toys!!!!!!  Well made a start on it….the living room now looks like chaos…just need to make some labels now!!!

And now for my “top project”!!!!!!!!  Caitlin, Noah and Austin all have way too many clothes so in my madness I have decided to make them wear a different top every day and see how long we can go before having to repeat one!!!!!!  I’m starting a new tab at the top so I don’t bore you with my pointless experiment!!!!!!  But here are today’s tops!!!!!!




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2 responses to “New soft play and my “top project”!!

  1. god you’re fast w/ uploading your pictures!! Mine are still in my camera! We had a good time even though Squidge must have lost 5lbs in sweat!! I was a bit bummed when I got outside and it was blisteringly hot. Still they did say cloudy and w/ an 11 wk old I don’t blame you for not taking the chance!

  2. oops forgot to add that I wouldn’t last a week on “project top” as I have favorites and would probably fall off the wagon. Good luck I can’t wait to be amazed at how long it takes!

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