This weekend me and Richard have been at IMM!  That’s the International Mini Meet for those not in the know!!  And this year was a bit special as it was the 50th birthday of the mini.  We arrived at the pub for some dinner and to meet up on Friday ready to set off all together….  We made it as far as Knutsford services before we had our first proper breakdown…a broken clutch!!!  (we’d already had a loose wire on the way out of the carpark!!!)  He had a few “drive without a clutch” lessons and we were on our way again!!  And we arrived to gorgeous sunny weather!!!!!!!!


(I am the 4th mini along…next to the bini!!!)

We put our tent up and set off to check out who and what was there!!!!!!!!!  It was in a park opposite the old Longbridge factory and it was enormous!!!!  There were mini’s everywhere and it was really hard to get your bearings.  Apparently there were over 3000 mini’s parked inside the show and a lot more outside….  This picture was taken almost at the top of the field and it is still the show as far as you can see (even by those far trees!!)….


There was a DJ and beer tent on the Friday night followed by the worst bit…camping!!!!!!!  It was cold and uncomfy but I survived!!  On Saturday morning we discovered the water had run out…..that meant over 3000 mini’s (most with 2 people in..some with more…some with less) so approximately 6000 people…plus day visitors….lets say another 500 – 1000…..with no flushing toilets, showers or drinking water….NOT pleasant!!!!!!!!!!  More water did arrive during the day but it soon ran dry again!!!!!!  So no shower for me!  We got on with looking at all the mini’s!!  There were some amazing mini’s there….  People do very strange things to mini’s like turn them into sofa’s…..


…join 2 in the middle…..


…that one actually drives in both directions!!!!

We also saw the mini designed by David Bowie…it is one of my favourite mini’s..mind you I like shiny!!  But can you imagine how dirty and finger printed it would be if I had one!!!!!


Tea was provided on the Saturday night…lots of people complained about it but I actually thought it was really nice!  It was just chicken and boiled potatoes with veg…but it was nice.  Only complaint I had (aside from the still waterless showers!!!!!!!!) was they served it from the composting area!!!!!  Pleasant!!!!!  After tea there was entertainment from Sally Jaxx and then Roy Wood who sang I wish it could be Christmas every day!  Richard thought that was weird but I like Christmas so I was impressed!!!


Also on the Saturday night there was a glow show….hard to photograph!!!


On the Sunday I got up and went for a shower…tested it and yippee…there was water!!!!!!!!  So I got undressed (in the very grotty showers!!!!!!) stood on the muddy messy floor and guess what….no more water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was not a happy camper!!!!!!!!!  So I washed myself down with baby wipes and sulked back to the tent!  We went around some more of the mini’s……  A mini caravan!!


….a monster truck mini….


A lovely old RAC mini…


….supposedly the Italian Job mini’s (but their tax discs had different registrations on to the actual cars so we weren’t sold on those….


The night before we had seen an absolutely awful mess and so we went back in daylight to take a photo of it……


…it is the back end of a Bini…(a BMW mini – and I HATE bini’s!!!!!!!  They aren’t real mini’s etc etc…don’t get me started!!) which someone has stuck a mini front end on….


God knows what the middle is…it just looked a complete mess!!!!!!!!!!

In the afternoon Russ Swift was doing his stunt driving…he is fantastic…shame he has been bullied into doing his stunts in a bini but hey it was still impressive!!!

After 2 sunny days of no shower I decided I couldn’t hack another night’s camping so I offered to drive home after the closing ceremony and fireworks!  As it got later and there was no sign of fireworks I asked a few people and they all looked at me as if to say what fireworks (they were in the programme!!!)  At about 11.30pm I gave up and we left…I’m glad we did as it turns out there was no fireworks……  But aside from the lack of fireworks and appalling water situation it was a great show!!!!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time, apart from the water and fireworks.
    Some cracking photos of the minis.

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