Been very busy!!!

This week we have been mad busy…something on every single day!  That makes for hectic times!  I must remember to plan in a nothing day where we can just chill out in the garden where the kids can just do what they want.

On Tuesday we went out for lunch with the people I used to work with, and all the kids were there!  One little boy spent the whole time asleep!!  Another is only just turned 1 and normally I don’t let Caitlin and Noah run around as I don’t think its really ok to let them do that in a pub, but he was playing in an empty room I let them go play too.  It was ok at first but then they started to stray…luckily it was almost time to go!  After that we went to Lucy and Ed’s for tea….  Lucy made Austin a lovely comfy bed for while we ate tea….


After tea they decorated gingerbread men…Caitlin COVERED hers in her special choc buttons….


On Wednesday we were out again, I wasn’t sure the weather would be ok but we braved a park trip and it was gorgeous!!!!!  We played on the swings, had a picnic in front of Wythenshawe hall…


…..then I tried to get a nice photo of them in a tree!  I have a lovely photo that Linda took last year so I wanted one from this year….


and one of Noah too…


Then we fed the ducks…well we tried but the park was packed and I think the poor ducks had seen enough bread to last them a lifetime!!!!  So Noah helped them out by eating his slice!!!!


(it was fresh bread as we never have left over bread in our house so I had to buy a loaf specially for the occasion on my way!!!!)

Then today we were out at Quarry Bank Mill.  It was a bit expensive for what you got but we had a good time.  There was story time in the garden which was good but Caitlin and Noah got bored after a few stories and so went to play on the grass.  They made friends with some other little ones who were there!  They were quite a bit younger than them but Noah had a great time chasing a little boy and kicking the ball to him.  Then we walked to the other side of the mill’s grounds to Styal village which turned out to be just a few houses but they were really nice and the walk was quite nice too…


Tomorrow I am off camping so if I survive..(I am NOT a camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I will tell you all about it on Monday!!!!



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2 responses to “Been very busy!!!

  1. Blimey – very busy indeed. But nice busy.
    Enjoy the camping x

  2. you are a social butterfly!! LOL now you can unwind and relax during camping!

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