And the winner is……

Well it’s definitely not me for speed lol!!!!!!

Ages and ages ago you all made your guesses on the size and flavour number 3 would be…  I can’t seem to get the results to format nicely so you’ll have to ignore the messy and unnecessarily long post!!  First are the actual stats and then everyone’s answers!!!!!!

  • 1. Boy
  • 25th May
  • 9.06pm
  • 9lb 2oz
  • 54cm 
  • 35.5cm
  • 3 very long on/off days!!!!!!!
  • Quite a lot of dark hair!!!

So now to everyone’s answers….starting with the winner……

Laura!!!!!!!!  Who got a grand total of 4!

  • Girl – 0
  • May 20th – 0
  • 5.30am  -0
  • 9lbs even – 1
  • 54cm  -1
  • 35cm  -1
  • 2 hrs – 0 (but oh how I wish you were right on this one!!)
  • going to be different and say a nice head of dark hair -1

In joint 2nd place was

SCM (now Mancais) – with 3 points

  • Boy – purely as everyone else gone for Girl  – 1
  • 21 May  – 0
  • 2pm  -0
  • 8lb 6  -0
  • 53.5cm  -0
  • 35cm  -1
  • 2hrs – 0 (again I wish!!)
  • Blond fuzz/almost bald  – 0
  • And then a bonus point for being the only person to reply with name suggestions :-)!

And Linda also with 3 points

  • Girl – 0
  • 14 may – 0
  • between 3pm and 7pm  -1  You were the closest on this one!!
  • 8lbs 8oz  -0
  • 54cm  -1
  • 35cm  -1
  • 3 hrs (but I really do think it’s going to be quicker lol like 1 hr) – 0
  • I’m going to say BALD w/ some blond fuzz – 0

I had the worst guesses with my only right answer being length of labour..I made the longest guess with 12 hours!!!  Trust me to get that one right…

So as I have to post my prizes I was thinking something postable like chocolate or if you would prefer something that won’t ruin diets maybe something like socks??!!  I know they are boring prizes but as I don’t know you too well I was trying to think of something fairly neutral??  So if the winner and runner’s up can email their addresses I will get something off to you before Christmas lol!!!  Feel free to make a prize suggestion if you hate chocolate and never wear socks!!!!!!!!

Thank you for entering my first and probably only competition…I was so hopeless at getting the results out..(over 10 weeks that’s awful!! – I kept forgetting) I don’t think I should run another!!!!


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3 responses to “And the winner is……

  1. Oh i won how exciting, and how the heck did i manage to get all those 3 things right? lol

    Now socks sound fun , who does not love socks…well or choccies but i am trying to loose the baby weight

  2. You got 4 right!! Even the hair! I still look at him and am amazed by that dark hair!!! Email me your address and socks will be on their way!!

  3. Oh fankoo!
    Don’t be wasting your money on a prize for me though. Spend it on the kids.

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