10 weeks today……

Today is Austin’s 10 week birthday!!!  I took him to get weighed so that I would have it in his record…and he is a whopping 13lb 15oz!!!!!!!!!  It took Caitlin until 26 weeks to reach that, and it even took Noah until 13 weeks!!!!!!!!

(I know lots of people will hate me for saying this but I want to remember exactly what he is like….)

He is a complete dream, he very very rarely cries….he spends a lot of his time sleeping, he sleeps all night and a lot of the day.  He goes to bed at about 7ish just before we do teeth and stories for Caitlin and Noah, has a dream feed at 10ish and then sleeps until around 7.30am.  When he is awake during the day he is quite content to just sit and watch the world go by….  He still loves little rabbit foo foo, he also loves it when Caitlin and Noah play with him.  He gives loads of grins, you just have to look at him to get one…well I do…other people have to work at it a little bit…  Caitlin and Noah get them just for catching his eye too….he must recognise us, no surprise really since we are inflicted on him constantly!!  He is still in size 3-6 months clothes although I doubt they will last much longer.  Sleep-suits will definitely be going up to 6-9 months soon, separates have a bit more room for growing so they’ll last a bit longer!  This week seems to be the week of the exploding poo!!!  He has done one around lunch time every day requiring a full outfit change!!  Not good for our timekeeping!!!!!!  He is still really strong and still does his little crawling action when on his front but he can’t really get anywhere anymore.  He has just started grabbing for things but hasn’t got a very good aim just yet….  He does like his dummy and I’ve also spotted him having a sneaky go on his thumb which I am not at all happy about but hopefully it won’t come to anything……

Linda came over and took some more photo’s of him yesterday and she got some great ones….  Here is one of my favourites….




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3 responses to “10 weeks today……

  1. Teddy

    He is soooooooo cute!!!!!!! T xx

  2. He was an excellent model! I had a fantastic time taking picture of all FOUR of them but especially Austin. I can’t wait until he starts eating his feet- more photos!! Oh and sitting up on his own, just imagine all the daft things we can put him- more photos!!

  3. I love your updates. Photo is lovely.

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