I won the crafty lottery!!!

Today Linda came round with a massive stash of crafty things…..everything from pins to elastic to ribbon to fabric (..and more fabric…) to sew on wobbly eye’s!!!!!!!!!  It is great!!!!!  Linda is decluttering her house ready to sell so is very sensibly getting rid of things she is just hoarding!  Me on the other hand is mad and despite the fact we have also supposedly decluttered and we are moving to a smaller house I jumped on the chance of a big pile of crafty things!!!!  There is a chance Richard might just kill me but hey I hope to hide it before he gets home later!!!!!!

Richard has been away for the weekend to Ultimate Street Car….where there is lots and lots of mud and no showers…I am so not looking forward to seeing him later yuk!!!!!!!!!!

So now I have loads of crafty ideas going round my head….hmmm what to try first…as if my wish list of things to make isn’t long enough already!!!!!  But thank you Linda for all of it..it is great.  I’ve been through all of it apart from the fabric, so far that is just piled in a giant bag I need to sort it into colours……  A job for a time without helpers…..


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4 responses to “I won the crafty lottery!!!

  1. so did Richard kill you when he got home?!?! Es wailed all the way home “my friiiiiieeends! I miiiiiiss myyyy friends!!!” then hours later when I thought she was over it she came up to me looking all sad and pathetic and gave me hug then said all teary (AGAIN). “I miss my friend Noah”. LOL she misses him because he’s her partner in (toilet cleaning) crime!

  2. I need to declutter. Need to do lots of things at the moment but lacking the motivation. At least my fireplace is finally getting done by TLP and it’s looking good.
    Good luck with the stash. I could probably sort you out with some more, especially if you like papercraft.

  3. Richard was fine about it… He even said no prob when I said I’d been offered more – so if you have stuff to get rid of I’ll happily accept :-)!!
    Oh yeah I forgot to blog about the toilet cleaning… Hmm they meant well!!!

  4. Ok. I’ll get up in the loft soon.

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