Noah is completely and utterly in love with Austin (and Caitlin too obviously but he is fascinated by Austin!)  Every time Austin is within reach Noah is kissing him or trying to hug him, he asks for him every morning and quite often tells me not to forget him when we are going if I would!!!  This morning while I was trying to get a picture of the 2 of them together this is what Noah did while I was distracted for a moment……


Austin was lying on the floor and so Noah decided to help him walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Obviously not wanting to miss out Caitlin wanted to do the same…..


She’s not as strong as Noah so she was struggling to hold him up a bit more!!  Caitlin also adores Austin, as we all do, she’s really gentle with him and often argues with Noah about lying next to him…it’s pretty much the only time the argue aside from the occasional toy ones.

Austin is still a really easy baby, he’s happy to just sleep and eat for most of the time, mind you all that growing takes a lot of energy!!!!!!  When he is awake he is also happy to just sit and watch Caitlin and Noah run around and loves it when they shake noisy toys in front of him…..


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  1. Austin is being a dream for you so far.
    Long may it continue!

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