Another party….

Today was a belated party for Squidge!  It was her birthday back in June but she was away then so we had her party today.  Firstly we went to Chiquitos where the kids had a massive meal..I don’t know if anyone finished it but the ones at my end of the table didn’t even come close!!!!!!!!!!!  Followed by jelly!!!  After that was time for the pinata….  They were all a bit little for it really and so despite their best efforts we had to help it to break!


Despite Noah being the youngest guest (apart from Austin!!) he gave hefty blows to the pinata and I think the only person to hit harder was an older boy there!!!!


…he might have been able to hit harder still if the woman hadn’t made him sooo dizzy!!!!!!!

After Chiquitos it was time to go bowling!  Caitlin and Noah had been looking forward to this bit all week and had a great time!!!!


Aside from the bowling there was a slushy that everyone was sharing which was proving a big hit…even being chosen over bowling some of the time!!!!!!


All was going really well and everyone was having a great time when it was de ja vu from last year… except this years injury was a deep cut to J’s chin!  A few minutes earlier she had been putting her arm around Noah as he bowled…


…then she managed to trip and land right on the finger hole on one of the bowling balls and make a cut about 3mm deep in her chin!!!!!!!  So off she went to A&E while her brother came back to ours for a play!  It was quite good really as it gave me chance to practice what it will be like to childmind now I have 3 of my own, and aside from a mad 5 minutes where Richard decided to phone me while I was in the middle of making tea and Austin had decided he also wanted tea, it was quite easy.  The 3 bigger ones just played together and Austin watched on in amazement, it was only when they all left him to go eat that he got bored and decided he wanted food too!!!


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  1. Looks like a great time, apart from the injury.

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