8 weeks old…

Today was Austin’s 8 week check up…or should I say Riley Jayden Dixon which is what they have his name as???!!!!!  I have no idea how this always happens to us….  Caitlin got completely missed off the system, Noah was almost Christened the wrong name by the priest and now Austin is registered at the Dr’s by a completely and utterly different name!  How they have it quite that wrong I don’t know…….  Anyway!  Once we’d corrected his name which took 15 minutes, we sat down to wait…..me and all the kids!  An hour passed….an hour and a half passed…and I called Richard to come collect Caitlin and drop her at school…..two hours passed….then finally we got called in to see the doctor!  Austin is just fine…now weighs 13lb exactly…little chubby chops!  His head has grown a whopping 4.5cm.  He had his 2 injections and screamed his head off for both!!  He seems fine now though……. 

I am convinced he is laughing and he has managed to sleep through for 2 nights running, but last night he woke up at 5.30 so didn’t quite manage it….  He is still really really laid back and content although we have found the one thing he doesn’t like…..the play ring….maybe in a few weeks!!!!


Although typical…I just took his pic in it to show what toy I meant and he is happy as anything in there!!!!!!


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  1. I can’t believe they had you wait that long- I would have kicked off after about an hour. We need to get together again so I can practice taking photos of babies!! He’s sooo adorable I just want to nibble his little fingers! LOL Wal and I were going to try this month but he’s off to Madrid and he gets back on the last day so keeping fingers crossed! LOL TMI!!!!

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