All partied out!!!

Today has been a hectic party day!!  This morning it was Caitlin’s first “school friend” party!  It was Milly’s party who Caitlin tells me is her best friend!!  Most people in Caitlin’s class are actually in the year above her, she will be staying in the nursery for another year because of her September birthday.  Sometimes I wonder if she will be missing out by not going to school this year, academically she is at about the same level as most people in her current class, even a bit ahead of some….  But today confirmed she isn’t ready for school….  She was fine playing in the soft play area…she had a great time…


BUT…once it was time to sit down for the party food and she was forced to be with everyone at once she looked terrified!!!!!!


…they are all so much bigger than her, and all so much more confident!!  Hopefully that extra year in nursery will give her the confidence she will need to be ok in “big school”!!  After the food Caitlin finally found the courage to go and get her hand painted…she got a flower done which she loved!


Once we were done at that party it was time to go home to pick up Noah and Austin and go to Jasmine’s party.  Caitlin has known Jas and Oscar since she was about 1 and it was amazing to see how much more at home she was at their party.


She was running around joining in and looked much happier, and this was even despite the fact she hasn’t seen them for almost a year!  She won’t be going to the same school as Jas but even though she is 11 months younger she is in the same school year and she seemed to be comfortable with Jas’s friends who she had never met.  Austin had a good time too…taking in the sights although the garden was a bit sunny for him…


Noah had a great time dancing with all the girls!!!!!!!


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  1. looks like fun parties! Can’t wait until Caitlin is done with school for the summer so Es can see her again.

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