Peas in a pod!!!

Every day Austin seems to get more and more like Noah!!  He is also giving the best smiles and I’m sure he even laughed today!!  Here is Noah at 7 weeks old….


…..and here is Austin…..


The only difference seems to be how pasty Noah looks!!!!!!  I know he was virtually blue just after birth because we froze him half to death…but I thought he had pinked up a bit by 7 weeks!!!

And here is Austin laughing….


…and what was he laughing at you’re probably wondering…his favourite dvd!! Yes at such a young age he has a favourite!!!!!!  And its “little rabbit foo foo!!!”  Here is a clip of it ….it’s a bit different to our version but you get the jist of how daft it is!!


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One response to “Peas in a pod!!!

  1. mancais

    They’re definitely alike.

    Little Bunny Foo Foo is brilliant!

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