So proud!!!!!

Today we got Caitlin’s first school report….and it was fantastic!!!  There were very few bad things in it…they did mention she is shy..which she is but she has gained so much confidence in the past 2 terms I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about.    A very boring post to follow with lots of extracts!!!! :-)!!

In personal, social and emotional development they said….

 “she always behaves impeccably and is able to share and take turns without any need for adult prompting” ….. “Caitlin has a lovely nature with all our children and is aware of their needs and feelings as well as her own.”…. “she copes well with her food allergy and never complains at snack time.”

In communication, language and literacy….

“Following the birth of her brother Caitlin appeared more introverted”…..  “Caitlin is able to talk to adults in a mature way and can express herself appropriately”…. ” she always listens attentively”

She has been quiet since Austin has been born…hopefully that will pass???  It is a big change but she does love him so I think it will all work out…..

In Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy….

“is confident in naming colours and shapes” ….. “uses language of measures and size correctly”

In knowledge and understanding of the world….

“good awareness of the world around her” … “has a good concept of time” …. ” can be tentative to try new things but can be encouraged to try and then she becomes involved and asks lots of questions to extend her knowledge”

Creative development….

“loves to be creative and spends most of her time being so whether engaging in art or imaginative play” …. “is very particular when it comes to her pictures!” ….. “small world activities are one of Caitlin’s favourite things to do, she loves to use the figures to act out little stories of her own either alone or with her friends”

Physical development……

“good gross and fine motor skills” …. “during PE she is gaining her confidence on apparatus” …… ” Her pencil skills are developing well”

…So all in all excellent!!!  A few things around confidence but aside from that glowing!!!!!  They did also say she needs to develop more confidence to stand up for herself but I have no idea how to do that without making her pushy or encouraging her to take things off others??


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2 responses to “So proud!!!!!

  1. mancais

    Sounds like a great report.

  2. Yay for Caitlin- she is the most well behaved child I have ever met!! I see your point on the assertiveness bit- it’s easy to explain sharing/not snatching but how to you get them to stick up for themselves w/out turning them into a bully?!?! LOL not that I have that problem w/ Es. I’m working on not interrupting people when they read and sitting quietly during story time. NOT easy as she loves to talk and talk and talk

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