Wedding number 1!!!

This year we have been invited to 4 weddings!!!  We haven’t been to a wedding for over a year and now we have 4 to go to, although we can only make 3.  We did our usual trick of taking the kids but then letting my Mum and Dad collect them around 9pm when they were starting to flag.


It was Richards friends wedding and they had 3 little bridesmaids, Caitlin was fascinated by them and kept talking about how she is going to be a bridesmaid!!!  She also loved the stickers and colouring packs they had put on the table!!!


They had ceilidh dancing lessons which we thought Caitlin would love too…she did like it but not as much as we expected!  Noah loved it!!  Mind you Caitlin has been a bit down recently – I think the reality that Austin is here to stay has set in…it does seem to be passing but we had a few teary days!!!  I think Austin enjoyed his first wedding…although I’m not happy he puked in my hair!!!!!  I had to go to the toilet and wash that bit as it stank!!!!!!!



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