Yesterday it was the final day of our local play group.  We’ve been going since Caitlin was about 6 weeks old and it’s now closed down.  Pauline who runs it had a farewell party with a bouncy castle which they all loved…they did bounce as well as sit along the edge!!!


Today the health visitor came to see us again…..we’ve had so many more visits from everyone this time!  It would seem in Manchester the more kids you have the more “at risk” you become and so they keep tabs on you!!  Anyway she weighed Austin who is now a healthy 11lb 14oz!!

After she had been Amy came to visit with a pressy for Austin….his very own “loo”!!!!!!!!!!!!  Caitlin is seriously attached to her Kaloo which she used to call Loo, so when Noah was born we asked Alex to get one for Noah, then obviously when Austin was born he needed his own too…..so Amy has bought him one!!!


His is very similar to Caitlin’s but shows how loved Caitlin’s is as his is so soft and his stuffing feels all full!!  Caitlin seemed to really like Austin’s kaloo but luckily gave it back at bedtime!  I was worried she was going to kidnap it for herself!!!!!!



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3 responses to “‘loo……

  1. Teddy

    Regarding the last post. I can fully recommend the ERGO. I still use it for C and she is 4 and a half and I can walk with her in it for nearly an hr! So good value for money. You would prob need an insert for the little chap though. V has one, so I am sure she would let you road test it. Hope that is useful, if not, not to worry. xx

  2. SCM

    Maybe hey reckon that more kids = more stress = more chance of things going wrong? Better than no visits and no support, I guess.
    You always come across as very capable and able to cope.

  3. Oooh those ‘loos are so cute!!

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