Out and about again!!

They’ve all been sick…..  We went out on Wednesday night with Mini club – it wasn’t actually for my birthday but I used it as my birthday celebration!!  Both Caitlin and Noah barely ate a thing!  Caitlin fell asleep on the bench chair she was on and Noah virtually fell asleep in his dinner!!!!


Thursday they had a bit of a cold but seemed ok….so we headed out to play group and school.  Then we were supposed to be going to Ed and Lucy’s for tea and we got there only for Caitlin to throw up!!!!  So we headed straight home.  On Friday she was too ill for school so we stayed in all day and on Friday night she was still being sick. 

Saturday we had another odd viewing on the house!  This time it was 6 adults and 2 kids….they came in and the 2 kids aged 2 and 5 made a beeline for Austin and started trying to pick him up and the little one started investigating his eyes!!  Obviously I stayed with him and all the adults just split up and went all over the house!!  There seemed to be one in every room so I picked Austin up and just stood there not knowing which room to go in so I stayed downstairs!!  When they finally left I went upstairs to discover our drawers open and that they had taken full advantage of our bathroom (well from the smell….)

Today we are finally all well enough to go out so I packed the 3 kids and my double pram all into my mini…very impressive too!!!!!!!!!!


Who says minis aren’t a suitable family car??????  And that leaves my boot completely empty for shopping if I could make a decision on any to put in it!!!  We went to a baby show to investigate slings…I saw one I liked but want to try a few more before committing, Laura from Synchronisation of us has pointed me in the direction of a sling meet website which I want to check out as well!!  So no purchases at the baby show… Then we went to the trafford centre to check out cameras…again no joy I couldn’t get any of them to take a non-blurry picture.  Even the sales assistant couldn’t get the cheaper ones to work properly…so I didn’t get a camera either!  So I came home and took pictures with my old camera….


..how grown up does Austin look!!!  I can’t believe he is only 6 weeks (almost) old!!!!!!!!  He’s huge and really strong!!


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  1. SCM

    Good to see they’re getting better.
    On our jollies we saw a lady with her baby attached to her back with a sheet. We thought it wouldn’t be strong enough to keep baby attached but saw her later on and baby was still attached, asleep and looking pretty contented. Baby looked to be only a couple of weeks old.

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