More candles!!!

Today it was time for more candles and cake!!!!  In both of our families almost everyone has a person on the other side of the family with a birthday right by them…me and Richard are a week apart….Amy and Nan are a week apart, Nanny and Grandma are a few days apart, Grandad and Noah are a day apart and Grandad and Alex are a week apart….  Anyway so it was time for another party!!!!  Mine :-)!!  So we had cake and we are off out for tea later.


Also today poor Austin had to have his BCG because we live in a high risk area….  He was very brave though and didn’t cry at all during or afterwards!  He did cry during the hour wait in the 30’C waiting room!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m sure he can now smile too….he does it quite often and it doesn’t seem to be connected with wind!!!


Yes I am sun burnt!! I am hopeless with the sun I only have to see it for 5 mins and I burn regardless of suncream!!

For my birthday I have got loads of money so I am going to treat myself to a cmera…which will please everyone I know as I constantly moan about my rubbish camera…  Only problem now is which one do I get????  I need a small cheapish one…but the one I thought I wanted the reviews say the pictures are great but there is a big time lag between pictures and when switching on, I need to go try it I think!  But look out for super fantastic pictures once I have treated myself!!


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  1. SCM

    Happy Birthday x

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