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Austin does a lot of sleeping….  It’s pretty much all he does!  He is the sleepiest baby I have ever come across.  He sleeps all day and all night maybe waking up for the odd 5 minutes!  I tried to get a picture of him in my bed like one I have of Caitlin…


Surprisingly he stayed asleep even while I moved him around and pulled covers up and arranged giraffe’s etc!!!!!!


Then this evening he has decided he is going to do some awake time!! He has been awake for a few hours now just kicking the toys on his seat….


…he seems to like the toys and seems to actually be reaching out for them….


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We’ve been watching mini’s race…  A couple of times a year we set up a tiny course in the pub car park and race our mini’s around timing everyone to see who is the fastest!  We haven’t done it for ages and so last night was “auto test” night!  Noah was in his element!!!!!!!!  He has been excited about the racing for DAYS!!!!!!  We were getting a bit worried with the rain as we thought it might get cancelled but the rain had stopped in the evening so it went ahead!  There were some smokey mini’s…


…I’ve never joined in with auto test because I’m always worried I’ll break my car!!  In the past Elvis was our only car and so to break it would have been a disaster!  Even now I need it to get to school!  Noah loved watching them race and had a good look round them all too!!


The other day I asked Caitlin what she wanted to be when she grows up and she said the tooth fairy!!!!  I then asked Noah and he said he wanted to be a mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think we can safely say he has been brainwashed!!

We took Austin outside to watch for a little bit but it was getting a bit chilly so he didn’t stay long.  He was awake though for a change so he did see it….not sure if he was impressed….


And another photo of Austin just because he’s growing so fast and changing all the time!!


He’s gone quite spotty so I hope he clears up soon…..  I can’t believe he is 3 and a half weeks old already…that’s nearly a month!!!!!!  Time is going so quickly!  He is still sleeping well and seems very content…


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Too many stripes?

Is there such a thing as too many stripes??  The video below says maybe yes!!  It makes your eye’s go a bit funny!  I put Austin on our new blanket (which Richard thinks is too girly..I love it!!), in a stripey sleep suit…..but unfortunately got part of our stripey rug in as well….way too many stripes in too many directions going on!

Aside from the stripes what I was actually videoing was Autin straining wriggling about – he looks like he is trying to roll over!  I’m sure he isn’t he’s just trying to get comfy but it looked quite funny to me!   Caitlin and Noah were both strong babies but I’m sure Austin is stronger…

Today we’ve not really done much… Noah slept in until 8.15am which is unheard of for Noah.  He was even last up…Richard was first at 4.30am followed by Caitlin, Me and Austin at about 8am and Noah last at 8.15am…no idea how long he might have lasted without us 3 making noise!  We rushed off to playgroup once we were ready and then it was school time….

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This weekend has been non-stop!  We got up early on Saturday to go over to my Mum’s so that Austin could meet the rest of my family.  First he met my Aunty Tina who’d come over early to meet him as she was out later on.  Then we had some dinner – and Noah ate lots of cakes!  Then my Mum’s cousin Donna and my great Aunty Peggy came to meet him, and the lady across the road!  Austin as usual slept through the whole day!!  Only waking up occasionally to ask for some milk!!  Peggy nearly didn’t get a hold as she said she would wait for him to wake up!  Me and Donna tried to explain he would stay asleep if she just picked him up and eventually she did and sure enough he stayed asleep!!  After they had gone Amy was just on her way home from work so we waited for her.  Caitlin and Noah went out to play in the garden…after a while we realised it had gone very quiet so I went to investigate and found this…..


….they had both taken their shoes off and were sitting bare foot in the soil!  Noah had had socks on and they had taken these off too and were busy filling one sock each with soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were filthy and so they had a very quick rinse down in the bath!!!!!!!!!

Once we had seen Amy we headed off home where Noah had to change his clothes and then we headed straight out for a 30th birthday party!  Sure enough Austin just slept and Caitlin and Noah had a great time dancing on the dance floor!!


Sunday morning was an early start as I was being Harry’s Godmother and it started at 10.30am!!  It was quite a long service but Caitlin and Noah just about stayed still for all of it with a bit of help from 2 boxes of raisins each!!  Austin of course just slept!! 


We then went out for a meal and then rushed back for a viewing on the house…  It seemed to go really well actually!  The woman even said it was the nicest house they’d seen so far…so fingers crossed!!


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Loud and clear!!

Today was Austin’s hearing test and he passed – his hearing is clear in both ears!!  I was fairly sure his hearing was ok since he jumps a mile every time I cough!!  Caitlin and Noah were fascinated by the whole process!

We then rushed home to tidy up ready for a viewing…and we waited and waited….no sign of any viewers….  So I called and guess what it was in the diary but crossed out!!!!!  Nice of them to let us know it had been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so going to hand our notice in!! They even know we have a new born baby so you’d think they would definitely let us know of any cancellations!!!!  We do have another viewer on Sunday so it isn’t totally wasted..but it is so annoying especially since we have to rearrange rooms every time we have a viewer!!!!!!!!

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So long!!

Austin is so long…he is rapidly growing out of his clothes!!  Yesterday I put him in these 0-3 month dungarees and I had to pull them to do the buttons up….


…and look at how short they are on him his feet stick out of the legs loads!!!  And today I put him in a 0-3 month t-shirt but again the arms were way too short!!!!!!!  How can he be outgrowing the 0-3 stuff already!!

Today was also his first trip to the play group at Caitlin’s school….he slept the entire time but everyone enjoyed seeing him!  Afterwards we went for tea at Ed and Lucy’s and Lucy spent ages cuddling him.  While we were busy supervising that Ed managed to switch their jacuzzi on and the bubbles were overflowing by the time Louise got there!!!

Once we were home it was feeding time for Austin and just after he finished he decided to throw the whole lot up…first time he has been sick and guess where he did it…yep…ALL over me!!!!!  I don’t know how they do it…all three of them always puke on me..never Richard….

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Swim swim swim

This morning Caitlin and Richard headed off swimming.   He is on paternity leave this week and so today was having a day off from the house to spend with Caitlin and Noah….  One problem was neither of us had checked the swimming timetable and it wasn’t open…Caitlin was very upset and only just consoled by the promise of swimming after school!

Me, Noah and Austin waited in for the midwife to come and discharge us….but I had planned to go out for lunch…she made it just as I was about to give up and go out!   It was the midwife who had been their when Austin was born and she discharged but seemed really sad to say goodbye which was quite nice.  She is the one I had seen a few times during my appointments so it was nice to get to say goodbye.  She weighed Austin and the little greedy guts is now 9lb 11oz!!!!!!  I can’t believe how much he has grown..he is fitting into his 0-3 months clothes very nicely..they also won’t last too long!!!

Once the midwife was gone me and Austin headed off to meet my old work friends for a pub lunch which was nice.  Richard then took Caitlin to school and then Noah swimming!  Noah loved swimming and swam alone with his armbands on for a good few lengths…he was very good apparently.  Once he was done they picked Caitlin up from school and Noah came home while Caitlin went swimming!  Noah played on the floor with Austin..practising lifting his head up…


Caitlin also had a great time swimming and also did some lengths on her own (with armbands!).  When she got back she fed Austin….


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Back to school!!

This morning we had a visit from the health visitor…it was pretty uneventful really she just waffled on about stuff we already knew like lying them on their back to sleep and also asking her cryptic questions to establish if you have post natal depression.  Once she had gone we headed down to our local play group to introduce Austin.  We then discovered that it is closing down because the church doesn’t have a treasurer.  I didn’t fully understand the reasons but as we’ll be moving away soon anyway we wouldn’t have been able to go as much so it doesn’t really affect us.  It will be a shame though as it’s a pretty busy play group and it’ll be missed by lots of people.  We have been going since Caitlin was about 4 weeks old….

This afternoon was back to school for Caitlin!  I gave her a photo of Austin to take but she asked if she could take him in to meet everyone so we took him with us when dropping her off (Richard was at home I wasn’t intending to leave him behind lol!!)  She seemed very proud as she was showing her photo and him off!!  I stood outside talking to her teacher for a while as her friend had had a baby on the same day Austin was born.  When I was done I realised Noah wasn’t on the slide where I thought he was…turned out he was sat with all the other kids in Caitlin’s class joining in with their welcome song which Caitlin has taught him!!!!  He really can’t wait to go to school!!  Caitlin then burst into tears when she realised Austin wasn’t staying at school with her!  Aside from his name which she is warming to she really does love him to bits….

And here is a photo of Austin just because we haven’t had one for a few days….


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The girls get creative!!

While Noah and Austin slept today me and Caitlin got creative!!  Caitlin decorated a vest for Austin.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but every time I asked her she was either engrossed in something else or just didn’t want to draw.  It is so so cute!!!  I wrote Austin for her and she wrote over it, then she drew a picture of her and Austin holding hands…..


…then when I took a photo of him wearing it she insisted on lying next to him and recreating the picture!!!!!!!!!

I made Austin a pair of trousers as I couldn’t find what I had imagined when I was in town yesterday!  They seem to fit ok but I can’t find my elastic so I can’t do the waist band just yet.


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Just like his sister….

….Austin is a public transport jinx!!!!!!!!!  Today we have been to town shopping with Nanny, quite an unsuccessful shopping trip really!  I wanted new shoes and a pair of trousers for Caitlin as we are going to a Christening next week (and we also have a wedding coming up)…the shoes I liked weren’t in stock in her size and I couldn’t find any trousers to go with her top…..  We did get Noah some new shoes though and Caitlin a t-shirt.

So why is Austin a jinx???  We arrived at the train station ready to go home only to discover all trains past our house had been suspended due to a fire at our station!!  So we waited and waited for an hour until the line was reopened!  This is so typical!!  Caitlin is also a public transport jinx!  On her first PT trip into town on the bus we crashed into a transit van!!  Other PT disasters involving Caitlin include the bus we were on having its window smashed with a brick…glass all over Caitlin’s rain cover!!!!!!!!  Bus window smashed again!!!!!  Roof on train caving in and pouring water all over us!!!!  Wheel falling off Elvis!!!!!  I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of….  But we haven’t had any for ages so I thought the jinx had passed….onto Austin it would seem!!  So going out with both of them may prove eventful!!!

Other than that Austin is doing well….  and Caitlin is still not keen on the name….


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