BBQ tea for all!!

Tonight we had a BBQ for tea.  Noah has got a cold so he was miserable but Caitlin loves BBQ’s and had a great time!  She did keep asking when Harry was coming cos the last BBQ we had he came to.  Even Austin joined in..well he sat at the table with Caitlin and Noah….


…Caitlin ate all of her burger and then half of Noah’s as well!!  Then she played riding backwards on her bike!!  Copying Noah who even though he is ill was able to do stupid things!!!!!!!!!


Given the snottyness of his nose I think we have a bad night in store…….



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2 responses to “BBQ tea for all!!

  1. mmmmm bbq!! Keep a day open next week- I’ll be back a week on Wednesday! I hope Noah feels better.

  2. Vic

    Ugh. Hot with a cold must be miserable.

    Wishing you good sleep vibes for N!

    Hope you are all well 🙂


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